Here at Sanuk, we love a good surf movie. If you’re anything like us, you know what we’re talking about. Whether you’re hooting and yew-ing the night away in a jampacked theatre or chillin’ at home staring at the computer screen, there’s just somethin’ awesome about witnessing a perfectly cut mash up of progressive turns and timely tunes. Action. Adventure. Ambiance. Whatever the vibe, a proper flick always manage to make us love the life aquatic just a little bit more.

That’s exactly why we’ve shacked up with the motion picture mavens at Innersection and Network A to help reward the creativity of surfing’s most up-and-coming filmmakers. With Round 1 already in the books, the contest for big-time braggin’ rights is heating up fast.

Go “BEHIND THE SECTIONS” to see who will end up $10K richer by video’s end…

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