Where’s your favorite #Space2Play

Watch as Sanuk’s Chris Sharma shares his unconventional beginnings as a rock climber, sneaks into The Mystery Spot and shows us his secluded bouldering haven in Santa Cruz. 


And now, a message from our friends at Transworld Surf about their new surf movie, “Let’s Surf Seriously”:

Surfing used to mean something. Seems like all we see these days is fancy boys dancing on the water like damn ballerinas in fancy-ass boardshorts with $300 dollar haircuts. What happened to cutbacks? Where is all the vertical re-entry three-to-the-beach aggression? Kids these days should be studying and taking notes from their elders. Instead, they’re playing grab ass on whatever new fangled video game techno diarrhea shit shows they got playing on their flat screen pocket televisions. Don’t give us that drop wallet tail chuck full rotation bullshit if you don’t really mean it! If you’re gonna do a flip, do it with some conviction god damnit!

Cut the crap and surf like you mean it. Grab surfing by the balls and twist it like a crocodile dragging a baby goat to its death! If you’re gonna surf, do it for real—it’s time. Let’s surf seriously!

- Chris Coté

Let’s Surf Seriously World Premiere
Wednesday August 1st, 2012 at The Lido Theatre
Newport Beach, CA
Doors open at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8:30pm
Free Admission and giveaways!

A tale of two trips. Watch Sanuk’s Philip philtervision" Goold and his boys go from ripping in rubber to tearing it up in trunks.


TransparentSea Voyage - Part 3

If you dig dolphins, you’re gonna love this one! Check out part 3 from the TransparentSea Voyage as Sanuk’s Dave Rastovich and the S4C team sail, surf and smile along the California coast.

TransparentSea Voyage - Part 2

As lovers of the great outdoors, we derive infinite enjoyment from interacting with Mother Nature. The planet may be our playground, but it’s up to us to take responsibility for the places and things that gift us such joys.

Tune in to the TransparentSea Voyage as it navigates the California Coastline on a mission to raise awareness in support of protecting our oceans and its incredible inhabitants.

You can read more about this journey in previous posts, but for now we bring you Part 2 of their adventures.

Featuring: Dave Rastovich, Chris Del Moro & Lauren Hill & Surfers for Cetaceans

Learn more & follow the journey @ www.transparentseavoyage.com

Yesterday, we shared a link introducing you to the TransparentSea Voyage- the journey of Dave Rastovich & friends to protect our seas and the beloved creatures that call it home. To compliment their coastal campaign, the gifted bunch is recording & releasing a song a day to help raise awareness and make your ears smile.

Today, we bring you a song recorded on Day 1 of their current Californian crusade. Treat your ears right. Listen to this track by Band of Frequencies & Friends (Featuing Angus Stone and Rasta). 

Learn about & follow the voyage @ http://www.transparentseavoyage.com