The all-new Innersection is LIVE - and the battle for free-surfing’s biggest bragging rights (and paycheck) has begun. Sanuk’s Gilbert Brown is among the first to enter the online video contest with this savory submission… Pura Vida!

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HERE & NOW: Behind the Sections - A quick look at how a surf film shot around the world came to be + a few juicy details about the reinvention of Innersection

When it comes to surfing, Sanuk’s Torrey Meister isn’t afraid to go balls out. Here, the flyin’ Hawaiian let’s it all hang out for Innersection… literally!

From zero fins to eight, Rasta’s entry for Innersection 2011 makes our toes tingle. Channeling inspiration from the famed Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8…), the section showcases this Sanuk teamrider’s uncanny ability to ride anything… and make it look damn good. Enjoy!

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This year’s INNERSECTION is almost here… and we can’t wait!

Thanks to some high-shredability, three Sanuk surfteamers have made the cut. Brett Barley, Torrey Meister and Matt Meola have each made the final DVD. The boys now compete for ultimate free-surfing bragging rights and a grip of greenbacks… Represent!

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Satiate your hunger for the epic, satisfy your cravings for the creative and prepare you mind for some utter next-levelness… the INNERSECTION World Premiers are coming!

Sanuk’s Torrey Meister, Brett Barley and Matt Meola (reigning Innersection Champ)have all made the final DVD cut and now vy for a BIG bragging rights and an even bigger paycheck…

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