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From zero fins to eight, Rasta’s entry for Innersection 2011 makes our toes tingle. Channeling inspiration from the famed Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8…), the section showcases this Sanuk teamrider’s uncanny ability to ride anything… and make it look damn good. Enjoy!

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From the Vault: Common Threads

The Rasta/Shigley Project is a documentary film by about the collaboration between professional free surfer and environmentalist, Dave Rastovich and San Diegan based artist, Neil Shigley

In August of 2009, Neil was commissioned to do a portrait of Dave using his “Invisible People” motif, which includes in no particular order, carving, painting, photography, drawing, and printing.

This is the journey of a piece of art, from sketches on a pad to a signature in the corner, that also helps to shed light on Dave Rastovich’s environmental causes along with Neil Shigley’s helping the homeless endeavors.