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The Most Sanukified Wedding… EVER!

Here at Sanuk, we firmly believe we have the best fans and groupies in the world. Debate all you want, but our happyheads take the cake… especially when it comes to wedding cake.

Proof? You want proof? You got it! Without further ado, here’s an epic tale from a happyhead (and now newlywed) named Mark F.

A Note From the Groom:

Being in a wedding can suck. You shell out cash for various things, you get a gift that is sterling silver and engraved with your name.  Don’t get me wrong, they are inevitably nice, very heartfelt, and practical when the situation calls for it.  What sucks even more is not only having to plan the event from start to finish, but having to decide what gift to give your closest friends for sacrificing their time and money for you over the past couple weeks.  Luckily, when it came time for the groomsmen’s gifts, Courtneé and I had the perfect solution.  
Not a day goes by when I do not wear a pair of Sanuks.  I wear them to work and change back into them before I clock out.  I wear them around the house as slippers, on the beach, and to 3am liquor store runs.  I loves me some Sanuk.  So, with a couple of emails and some sad puppies eyes, the groomsmen will be receiving a pair of Vagabond to wear with their tuxes and to take home.  

I was worried at first if the guys would like them, as it was an eclectic group of guys; doctors, teachers, cops, electricians, and some others.  When they got them at the rehearsal dinner they responded with “oh cool…the shoes you always wear” and similar comments. However, the next morning when we were doing the wedding stuff, I could not have gotten any more compliments.  By days end they were raving about how comfortable their feet were from start to finish.  

My friends were informed it was a Sanuk friendly wedding and they rocked their Sanuks with their suits.  Two months after the wedding, I have my friends and their wives asking where they could go to get them because they are the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn.  Even the guests who have never seen Sanuks thought it was an awesome idea and said it totally made the wedding.

Epic Sidenote: Out in New Jersey, Sanuks aren’t very accessible unless you are close to the Shore…but I will gladly pay shipping and handling over risking bumping into the Situation or JWow any day.  

- Mark F.

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