Sanuk Spotlight: Tristan Prettyman

Talented sing/songer, devoted yogi and taco aficionado, Tristan Prettyman stops by Sanuk Headquarters for a serendipitous serenade and smile-filled interview.

Indo Interview: Singer/Songwriter Nick Saxon

Nick Saxon

For those that may not know who you are, kindly introduce yourself and give us a sentence or two about whatcha do.

Gday. My names Nick Saxon. Im a solo Singer/songwriter from Newcastle, Australia.

You’re a travelin’ man. What drove you to want to explore Indo?

Firstly the waves, Indo has world class quality breaks. Then after my 1st visit, the culture really grabbed me. I fell in love with the people there, how happy they are regardless of there living conditions. We sure can learn a lot from them. Not to mention the climate and the food.. amazing!

Describe Indonesia in three words…

The place in 3 words? Warm, Barrels & Bintang!

Describe your music in three words…
Have a listen! :)

What makes you smile most about a place like Indonesia?
The people smiling. Everywhere you go, they are smiling, Kids will high 5 you on the way to school, bare feet and dirty, there’s not a worry in the world.

The place is known for incredible surf. Get any waves?
We got surf! Some amazing right-handers at Lacerations, in Nusa Lembogan, & Playgrounds which is the left-hander there. But my favourite, & I think any one would agree, was Desert Point in Lombok. Hands down the best left I have ever surfed, and probably ever will. But to surf such a gift, you usually pay a fee. I donated some of my skin off my arm when I got clipped onto the dry reef.

How does a place like that inspire your music?
Indonesia inspires my music like every country I visit. Each place totally different from the last. Indo gave me a feeling of humbleness. A sense of being grateful for everything I have. I didn’t have my guitar there, but I wrote some lyrics on a napkin when I was watching the sunset on low tide. It was epic.

You shoot your own videos on trips. What that’s like?
Yes I shoot all my own footage, and edit it after. I love it. I remember watching the surf doco “Thicker Than Water” by Jack Johnson, & films By the Malloys.. And I thought, I want to do that! How they capture and create emotions with images combined with the music…It’s a beautiful thing.

What are some of your biggest takeaways from the trip, you know, the things that stay with you even when you’re long gone?
The friendships & memories. Those golden moments In life that automatically burn into your mind and make you smile every time you think of them. Whether its standing tall in a clean barrel with the reef flashing under your board, giving high fives with the locals, Getting stuck at immigration, or trying to find your scooter because your too hung over… Good or bad, they can always bring a smile to your face.

Take us with you next time?
For sure! Next time I’ll fit as many of you as I can in my board bag :)

So, what’s next?
South America next week With National Geographic. Peru, Galapagos & Ecuador. I can’t wait!

Where can we find your music?
You can find my music on my website ( But make sure you hit me up on Facebook!