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Climbing makes us smile.

Congrats to Sanuk’s Amy Nicholl!

Happyheads, please join us in congratulating Sanuk teamrider Amy Nicholl on her win at the Corona Extra Pro Champs in Puerto Rico. 

She’s taking home bragging rights and a whole lot of beer money… cheers!

Read more on Amy’s win here.

Cash for Tricks $

The nike 6.0 cash for tricks went down over the last 2 days was pretty funny didn’t even make the final day but ended up getting a wildcard pretty happy about that and to win was pretty flukey comp was so sick to watch everyone was going crazy check out z clip  - Jack Freestone.

Happy Birthday Maria Kuzmovich!

Shon Bollock is Slippery When Wet

Sanuk catches up with kayaker & filmmaker, Shon Bollock to get the good word on his newest masterpiece Slippery When Wet… Read up!

We hear you’ve recently emerged from the editing caves with a new film. Dish the dirt! What is Slippery When Wet?  

Yes sir. My eyes are still adjusting to all the light but it feels good to be done. Slippery When Wet is a project I have been working on the past 2 years with some of my closest friends. It is a film that introduces and highlights some of the top athletes in the kayaking world while diving into adventures all over the globe- including kayaking and tsunami relief work in Japan, hitting the high sierra classics in California, the deep canyons of Mexico, and big waterfall hucking in the Pacific Northwest, plus much much more of corse. 

Cheeky name, no? How’d you settle on it?  

That is a good question! For the last part of the trip we stayed in a hostel in downtown Hilo, Hawaii and there was a Slippery When Wet sign before you entered the kitchen and it kind of just stuck, plus there might be some subliminal messaging in there. 

For those unfamiliar with the sport of kayaking, what can they expect? 

Kayaking, like many sports, is a lifestyle. The audience can expect to be introduced to 8 prominent characters from the kayaking world while they describe some of their most memorable achievements and tragedies over their past 2 years of kayaking. While there is a great focus on pushing the limits on what is possible in a kayak, there is also some deeper focus into lending a helping hand where its needed. Kayaking is meant to be fun and that is the overall theme, but I don’t want to spoil it alllll so get a copy.     

Shasta Boyz first film set the bar high. What motivated you to push the limits this time around? 

Wet Dreams has a much different style but since there was such a positive response to it I wanted to give er’ another shot. I think the motivation came from the myself and the boyz having mountains of footage sitting around and it needed a home, so after a little more than 7 months we gots it a home.  

Describe SWW in three words… 

Mothers love us.  

Everyone knows a proper soundtrack is key. What can we expect to hear as we watch you and your crew huck yourselves? 

The vibe of the film is clearly set by the music. I was extremely fortunate to work with some talented artists/producers primarily out of the Bay Area and Sac-town. Nima Fadavi BeatsRas MatthewWisdom CreationsAlexander SpitRey ResurrectionOso Negro, plus many more, all throw down some fuego that set the stage for some big drop hucking.  

8 Different athletes. 8 Different styles. How did you balance everyone’s part in the flick?

That was kind of the big question as I was putting the film together and I wasn’t very clear on how to answer it. Now looking back I think that the athletes themselves blended the film together, along with a narrative that comes from athlete commentary on how each others feats had been seen from different perspectives. Slippery When Wet only really worked because everyone in the film are good friends and there was a large collaboration on footage.  

Making a film can be both a delight and a nightmare process at the same time. Regardless, what’s one of your favorite takeaways from SWW?

Well apart from it be finished I would say that having the opportunity to share our stories with people is what its all about. It is a tough time in our world right now and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to live the way I do. Looking back I think that the small amount of relief work our team was able to do in Japan was what made the film for me, I suggest everyone adds Japan to their bucket list. 

So, where the $#!% can we get a copy?

Buy dem thangs here through PayPal Buy yo! 

Any plans for A Slippery When Wet premier tour… perhaps complete with groupies?

A tour is in works no doubt. I just moved back to Santa Cruz and will be attending UCSC this fall, so gonna have to take it one step at a time. So far West Coast is in the books but stay posted to for all the tour details. Wherever there is packs of dirtbag kayakers no doubt there will be groupies! Just probably not the type of groupies you have in mind.