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Sanuk’s Chris Benchetler is in it to grin it and can be found throwin’ down his signature big-line brilliance, like so.

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Sanuk grom, JOHN MEL (son of Peter Mel) is competing for a final spot on Daphne’s Surf Team (You know, the Greek Cafe? Yep, they’re starting a surf team- with Kelly Slater as captain). Anyways, our buddy John needs your help to one of two spots left! It’s a close race & every vote counts. If you have  spare moment, please pass on a smile by giving John a vote @


Brett Barley Lands in Top 10 Finalists for Innersection - But Voting Ain’t Over!

Right now, our boy, Brett Barley, is duking it out online in the biggest user-generated freesurfing platform on the planet- Innersection. He’s cracked the Top 10 and looking to solidify a spot in the final DVD by making Top 5.

Here’s a message for you from the man himself:

First I want to say thanks for the support in getting me into the Top 10 Finalists. There were 23 sections… and a LOT of good ones, so I am stoked to have made it this far. I finished the Top 10 in 4th, and that is encouraging as far as making the final movie goes. So this is where you come in:

The “Premium Members” decided the Top 10, but now it is up to anyone who makes a free account to vote for the Top 5 Finalists. So if you have some time, go sign up and arrange your Top 10 in order by who you think should be in the final movie:

Also, the voting situation goes like this: 1st = 10 points; 2nd = 8 points; 3rd = 6 points, etc… So putting someone who is rated high in 1st will strengthen their lead significantly, and putting someone who is rated low in 1st can boost their rating significantly, as well. Or putting someone who is rated high in 8th can keep them from gaining a better position.

Please pass this [post] around and promote it if you can… Let anyone who cares to spare five minutes of their time know about it, because every vote counts at this point. If you still don’t know how to sign up, check out this little video I made to find out how. Feel free to pass this along, as well.

Thanks a bunch, and we’ll see how this goes! -Brett Barley

To see Brett’s Innersection submission, CLICK HERE or visit

It’s August 1st and you know what that means… Everyones favorite freesurfing platform is dishing up another serving. Oh yes, Innersection is live once again! 

With submissions from Dave Rastovich, Ryan Callinan, Brett Barley and Gilbert Brown, Team Sanuk has layed it down for the Summer Round. 

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