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BIELMANN: STRAIGHT UP THE MAN - a new film from Sanuk profiling world-renowned surf photographer Brian Bielmann and his incredible tales of life behind the lens. 

Starring: Brian Bielmann Photography, Chris Cote, Alek Parker, Matt MeolaClark Little Photography, Nathan Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher + more.

In this first look, Brian sheds light on his close relationship with one of surfing’s most cherished sons, the late great Andy Irons

Don’t miss the world premier on December 11th at www.sanuk.com + beyond.




Sanuk’s Albee Layer and Matt Meola smile in the face of danger and charge some of the biggest, baddest, burliest waves ever paddled into…


HERE & NOW: Behind the Sections - A quick look at how a surf film shot around the world came to be + a few juicy details about the reinvention of Innersection


From zero fins to eight, Rasta’s entry for Innersection 2011 makes our toes tingle. Channeling inspiration from the famed Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8…), the section showcases this Sanuk teamrider’s uncanny ability to ride anything… and make it look damn good. Enjoy!

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