CLIMBING NEWS: “Welcome to the Hood” - Coming Soon

Calling all climbing lovers and outdoor addicts!

Right now, Sanuk’s Daniel Woods is working on a new film project, Welcome to the Hood. With the excitement beginning to build in the bouldering community, we thought what better way to loop you in than with a few words from the phenom himself…

Our goal with “Welcome the Hood” is to bring back the social aspect of bouldering and show our interaction with the climbing community around the world. The word “hood" to us means our neighborhood which includes the people we meet, the places we travel too, and the rocks we climb…

The climbers featured in the film are Paul Robinson, Anthony Gullsten, Guntram Joerg, and myself. We have 20 climbs from Austria, Switzerland, and France.

According to the WTTH Facebook Page (yes, you should totally go “LIKE” it), the full movie will be filmed over the next 5 months and should be available in early June 2012 as an HD download and DVD. 

Until then, make sure to follow their adventures for all kinds of project updates and product giveaways. In fact…

Right now, Daniel and the crew are hookin’ fans up with free Sanuks on their Facebook Page. CLICK HERE to get in on the action!

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Sanuk Welcomes MATT MEOLA!

Last year around this time, the surfing world got a shockwave sent through it’s spine as an unknown talent exploded on the scene without warning. Tucked away on beautiful island of Maui, a young shaggy-haired fellow named Matt Meola flew under the radar despite high-flying aquatic antics.

But a collective- “Who the #$%^ is this kid?!” was uttered by the surfing world when his Innersection submission made history. Since then, his Cinderella story has unfolded and Matt has begun life as a professional surfer. We’re stoked to have him aboard as the newest member of the Sanuk Surf Squad.

Welcome to the team, Matt!

CLICK HERE to watch Matt’s winning Innersection Part.  

Note: Dont be embarrassed if you need to watch the part a few more times to finish comprehending everything you just saw. We’re still scratching our heads too…

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